1. CRI – (colour rendering index) is quantitive measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colours of various objects.
  2. LUMINOUS FLUX – measured in lumens and defines the brightness, the higher the lumens the better the performance of the LED.
    Example: A 5 watt LED bulb producing 400 lumens has better brightness than one that has 300 lumens. (average of 80 lumens per watt and 60 lumens per watt respectively).
  3. WATTS – an average 5 watt LED bulb can be the replacement for the 30 watt incandescent globe. A Vinstar high powered 5 watt LED bulb is the replacement of a 50-60 watt incandescent globe.
  4. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – LED’s contain no mercury and is safe for the environment. There is no heat radiation or harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays which can also cause fading in furniture, clothing and shop displays.
  5. LIFESPAN – Our LED’s have a much longer lifespan than a incandescent globe (on average up to 50 times longer) and average of around 10 times longer than a compact fluorescent globe.
  6. ENERGY SAVING –Our LED’s use between 90% less energy than incandescent lights and about 70% less than compact globes, thus your energy savings start as you turn on the light. In an office or retail environment, having the light on for 8 hours a day and 7 days a week would see savings on your investment within 3-9 months.
  7. INSTANT START – all Vinstar LED’s provide instant brightness, there is no warm up, no noise, no flickering unlike some fluorescent globes.
  8. RECYCLE – LED’s are designed to last a long time and have little or no environmental impact. They can be disposed of in general waste or recycled. In the long term there will be less landfill of the light bulb.
  9. CONSTANT CURRENT DRIVER – Controls and regulates the amount of power required for the LED to work efficiently.
    All our bulbs come with inbuilt constant current drivers and you would replace them just like any other bulb.
  10.  DIMMABLE & NON-DIMMABLE LED – both have different circuitry and should only be used with compatible dimmers and drivers.
    Failure to follow manufacturers installation guidelines will void warranty and cause damage to the LED’s internal circuitry.
    If in doubt contact us or your qualified electrician.
    All re-wiring must be done by a qualified electrician. (FIRST TIME ONLY)
    To replace the fluorescent tube with a Vinstar LED tube you need to remove the starter and replace the tube as normal.
    Most tube holders with IRON-CORE transformers are compatible VInstar LED tubes and will work as normal if you remove the starter only.
    For tube holders with ELECTRONIC BALLAST you MUST  bypass the ballast, you can also bypass the starter
    Your electrician will advise you on the best option for your lighting.
  12.   FEATURE LIGHTING -  Any house should have some type of feature lighting, whether it be a chandelier, pendant, oyster, table lamp or floorstanding. We have an extensive range of LED bulbs to suit most applications and fittings. ALL OUR BULBS ARE SUITABLE FOR ENCLOSED FITTINGS. LED bulbs provide a greater spread of light over the same area than downlights, so before you discard your good light fixtures, consider changing the incadescent of fluorescent bulb to LED. Alternatively, if you decide on new light fixtures, use LED bulbs.

13.  CONSTANT CURRENT LED STRIPS - These strips offer far superior output quality compared to standard led strip lights. They  provide even brightness regardless of length.




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